10 ways you can better impress potential home buyers

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Impressing home buyers should be on your list of goals when you are entering the territory of selling your home. There are a few ways to do this correctly, and by impressing home buyers you increase your chances of selling your home quickly and improving its value, improving your negotiating power, and lessening your closing costs.

It comes down to some little things that may not be obvious to every seller, so here are 10 ways you can better impress potential home buyers and not bypass the important details of selling your home.

Communicate quickly and effectively

Nothing is worse to a buyer than a seller who doesn’t communicate quickly or effectively, especially when they are really interested in a property.

If you are able to communicate to an interested buyer exactly what the status of the property is and also reflect in real time what is going on with their offer at any given moment, you are putting yourself way ahead of the game as far as others they are dealing with in the market and will greatly impress them.

Most of the time, buyers are left in the dust, or they feel that way, to wonder what is going on or what the status of their offers are, and any amount of uncertainty that can be eliminated at any stage for a buyer won’t only impress them but will make them more likely to move forward and close on your property with you. This element of trust is crucial for a buyer moving forward with a deal.

Tend to the front and back yard

Sometimes these areas of homes become neglected, so taking the time to tend to both the inside and outside of your home will definitely impress a buyer – especially when they first drive up to see it in person.

This is important to show buyers that you understand part of purchasing a home isn’t only about the price (more on this later) but also the bigger experience of the home itself on a day-to-day basis.

Tending to the front and back yard clearly shows your understanding of the full experience of a property and will impress and help attract any buyer interested in purchasing your property.

Keep windows, roof, and appliances up to speed

When a buyer checks a property and is interested, they are going to be checking everything before they make an offer.

The less they have to report in their first offer to you that needs to be fixed in order to move forward with a deal, the more you will be impressing and attracting them. While the big picture mentioned above experience-wise is very important to keep in mind, sometimes a lot of sellers will forego paying attention to appliances, roofs, windows, shower rods, showerheads, toilets, and making sure all of these things are in tip-top shape.

The less the buyer has on their con’s list, the better, and most of the time, the first things to hit the con’s list for a buyer are appliances or…

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