About us

Luxury Homes & LifeStyle Global Ltd. is one of the most important real estate & lifestyle companies worldwide. The experience and clients achieved in the 27 years of operations provided us with the abilities to offer our clients the best solutions in relocation, real estate brokerage and lifestyle.

We represent clients globally, offering them a broad spectrum of deals: single-family residential, new development, resort, hospitality, residential leasing and luxury vacation rental. Take a close look on our offerings and you will see the details making our business a partnership, not just a closing a purchasing or a rental.

Our main objective is to successfully meet the demands and objectives of our clients.

Our agents travel with our clients all over the world to present them the properties, all of them high-end properties in the world’s most special places. We are proudly representing our clients top politicians, entertainers (actors, singers, artists) and sportsmen.

The meticulous approach of the services package provided by Luxury Homes & LifeStyle Global Ltd. results in a high level of effectiveness and customer satisfaction, placing us on top of the real estate agencies VIPs prefer to work with. Our team provides not only the perfect deals but lifestyle proposals and solutions. We provide our clients with assistance in taking the best decisions during the negotiation process and provide them with high level of assistance in obtaining the necessary documents necessary for real estate transactions all over the world.