Six ways to add light to a dark or windowless room

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We tend to crave natural light in our homes and can find ourselves missing it when it isn’t present. A windowless room, or one that doesn’t receive much daylight, may start to feel depressing if the light issue isn’t addressed.

Quite often a home office, cellar room, loft space or en suite bathroom will suffer from this problem, but fortunately there are ways to add illumination even to the darkest corners of the home. Read on for our top suggestions:

Get natural daylight bulbs

This is a really quick, simple and inexpensive solution – the use of full spectrum daylight tubes and bulbs will mimic natural daylight and can even help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the dark winter months.

Install a roof window or light tunnel

If there’s no way of adding a traditional window, consider installing a roof light above the room, if the ceiling doesn’t have a room above it. A roof window is a great solution but isn’t easy to reach and you may want to open for added ventilation, in which you may opt for one that is remote controlled.

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