4 anti-burglary tips for today’s homeowners

anti burglars tips

Burglary is one of the most common yet easiest crimes to prevent. When it happens in your house, you lose more than just your possessions because a break-in has a huge impact on your sense of well-being and safety.

Burglaries do not have to happen since there are already a lot of things you can do to enhance your home’s security, making it burglary-resistant. A home security company shares four tips to help secure your home and family.

1. Don’t publicize you are away

Burglars choose homes with no one in them. So make sure that even when you are not home, make your property look occupied. This way, burglars will just pass it by.

  • Using automatic light timers is an excellent way to make your house look occupied. Make sure to have them switch on and off in a way that stimulates your usual patterns.

    You can also create the illusion of movement from one room to another by using timers that have several on-off cycles. Invest in light timers with battery backup so it does not stop when there’s a power failure.

  • Furthermore, you can have your calls forwarded while you are not home. Sometimes, burglars call to see if there is someone home before a break-in. If not, turn down the volume of your phone’s ringer so it can’t be heard outside.

2. Don’t make it easy for burglars to hide

Burglars will most likely try to get into your house if there is little to no chance of being seen. Eliminating the robber’s cover will go a long way toward protecting your family and property.

For instance, burglars can easily hide behind shrubs and trees. So trim or remove any shrubbery next to your windows and doors. It is a good idea for you to use thorny plants like roses and holly if you want to place plants next to your house – chat to a professional landscaping company for ideas on the best plants for the job.

Also, make use of security lighting to illuminate all access doors. For your driveway, yard and other external sections, consider using exterior lighting with motion detectors. This way, lights will turn on when someone approaches. When your lights are motion activated, your neighbors will most likely notice when someone is moving around your house.

3. Make it difficult for burglars to break in

Burglars are also looking for properties with easy access. The harder it is for them to get in, the lesser the chances of you coming home to a burglarized house.

Always make sure that before leaving, all windows and doors are locked. Most importantly, do not hide the key to your home outside where anybody can easily find it. Locks with internal anti-saw pins are great options since thieves can’t easily saw through the bolt.

There are also locks that come with an anti-drill feature. This way, the burglar’s drill bit will be destroyed if they try to drill through it. As for your windows, attach them to a home security alarm. Make sure that they have locks that can easily be operated from indoors so you can use them for escape during emergency situations.

Furthermore, trim tree branches that hang over the roof and remove all lower branches from trees near your house. Most importantly, you should not leave a ladder that burglars can use to access your roof or the second storey windows.

4. Install a security alarm system

Though home security alarms won’t guarantee that robbers won’t enter your home, they make it harder for them to do so. The best alarm system will increase the risk that the burglars will be caught. Moreover, burglars will look for an easier target if your property has a security setup.

Let the robbers know that your home has an alarm system by using window decals and yard signs that say your house is protected by a reliable home security system. Make sure that the sign is visible at all times and hasn’t been covered by plants or pulled out by kids or pets.

Aside from motion detectors, it is also a good idea to use glass-break sensors. This security feature sets off the alarm at the sound of a glass door or window panel being broken. Some sensors may even detect sudden shock waves.

Home security systems will act as your first line of defense for your family, important documents, and other valuables. Do not hesitate to invest in the best security system and outdoor surveillance cameras for your home.

More importantly, don’t consider it an afterthought, getting it installed after experiencing a robbery. Always make sure that the safety requirements for your home are properly maintained. Whenever you see any gaps in your home security, take immediate action and notify the authorities.
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Michael Dunne created Safecell Security Ltd in 2001 and acquired Authorized Access in 2013. He is now Managing Director of both companies and oversees the strategic development and day to day running of the businesses. Michael has spent over 20 years in the security industry and specialises in the Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of electrical security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Warden Control and Access Control and all Physical security including Key Cutting, Safe & Lock Picking, Suited Key Systems, Automated Barriers & Gates and Shutters, throughout the North West of England.

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