Coffered ceiling

coffered ceiling

The people who long wait for a change while dreaming to create a fantastic atmosphere in their home, often end up with the option of coffered ceiling. During the old days when technology wasn’t so advanced, the decorative ceilings were just a fantasy that nearly no one could afford. Even if they could, the process and installation was lengthy enough to tire the initiators. Professionals, who could install a trendy but traditionally settled and copied coffered ceiling were extremely out of the budget for most of the people, as well.

Whereas in this new era, advancement has taken up technology and ease and even the daunting and treacherous tasks could be done easily with hacks, tricks and modern tools. These days the installation of the coffered ceiling is easy, cost is economical and designs are countless to choose as per the preferences of every individual.

What is a Coffered Ceiling

People who fancy architectural textures love these kinds of coffered ceilings. Coffered ceiling is actually done with panels which are sunk into its adjoining yet suspended grid. This gives your ceiling more depth and warmth and you can also choose the panels as per your preference. These panels are mostly made of plastic flat boards and come in a standard size of 24″x24″. Their purpose is to enhance the impact of the room with wider or deeper looks for the house. If your house has the old and classic style of construction then the advisable design change for you is to go from simple to traditional coffered ceiling.

Where to Install Coffered Ceilings

In previous decades, coffered ceilings were used to create and increase the warmth of the certain rooms which were often used to welcome special guests. For instance: halls, libraries, corporate offices, conference rooms etc but most recently, it is not a thing that least can afford, which is why, people now use these coffered ceiling even in the common rooms like their bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen or select a theme to be followed in the entire house for better impact.

Installation of Coffered Ceiling

These days everything is available in the most feasible, user friendly and easy mounting process where you do not have to master a skill to design these traditional looking ceilings. Rather, you can just follow an easy manual of step by step mounting guide and acquire the most contemporary looking, coffered ceiling for your house or particular room just with the use of molded beam and dry wall compound. People who like to do, construct and mend things themselves can easily opt to attain this new look for their house but if you are a person who is not friendly with nails and bolts or hammer and drill guns then you can simply take the help of a professional who will still be pretty affordable for you as compared to the traditional coffered ceiling of the old times.

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