The 10 best design trends from display homes in Berwick and Clyde North

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New construction appeals to homeowners because it’s a fun opportunity to create a unique design. A new home is a blank canvas with tons of possibilities. So many that some homeowners don’t know where to begin.

One of the best resources new homeowners can look to for inspiration are display homes in Berwick and Clyde North. Builders and architects design these display homes to showcase the exciting possibilities of what you can do with your future living space.

You’ll find loads of great examples of modern architecture and artistic flourishes. Here are ten creative design ideas you can steal from the pros to spruce up your own place.

1. Statement tiling

One eye-catching way to make a space pop is by incorporating statement tiling. There are lots of ways you can include a distinctive tile project in your new home.

Whether you choose an exotic Morrocan tile, or a modern, geometric tiling pattern, adding a creative tile design to a room is a surefire way to make it look like it was decorated by a pro.

2. Weathered and worn textures

Designers often capture a sense of warmth and comfort in a room with items that are worn or distressed. Finding a rich leather couch with a nice patina, warm red exposed brick or scuffed and distressed wooden accent furniture can make a new build look like a home in an instant.

3. Close to nature

When decorating, it’s always important to bring a touch of the outside in. Using natural elements like plants or natural fibres can ground a living space and make it feel alive and tranquil at the same time.

Another way to bring nature into your decor is by using rustic or rugged wood furniture pieces. You’ll find many display homes in Berwick that have a fantastic array of indoor plants and exposed wood furniture.

4. Abstract artwork

When creating a bold design, don’t forget about art. Wall art can liven up your space without disturbing the furniture layout. Abstract art can instantly elevate a space by adding pops of colour and a modern aesthetic.

5. Use mirrors to create space

Professional designers love mirrors because they can make any room feel bigger. The reflection gives the feeling of more space as the room appears to extend on in the reflection. Mirrors can also create more light when hung across from a window.

6. Set up a gallery wall

Many people are intimidated by gallery walls. Don’t be! They are actually quite easy to arrange and hang. Pro tip: use an array of frames in different shapes and sizes to prevent the wall from looking too formal. You can also mix up the photos. Place family pictures beside landscapes or other types of art.

7. Coloured feature walls

When it comes to colour, experts know that there can easily be too much of a good thing. One way to make a bold statement without overwhelming the room is to use a coloured feature wall.

8. Paint small rooms in pastel

Lighter coloured walls give a room the illusion of expanded space. Don’t be tempted to use a dark, dramatic colour in a small room. Pastels will soften the look and reflect more light.

9. Accent rugs

Your area rug is the foundation of any room design. Many designers choose the rug before choosing any other aspects of the decor. Homeowners can create depth, contrast, and character with the right rug. Try to find one that will complement the walls, furniture, and accessories in the design.

10. 2-in-one furniture pieces

Multifunctional furniture is a smart and stylish way to create room designs that are both functional and visually appealing. Consider an ottoman that can double as extra seating, or a wall hanging that combines a mirror with hooks for coats and hats.

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