New gadget for detecting water leaks

delta water leak detector

Keeping and maintaining your house clean and beautiful does take a lot of effort and money. In the current times of heavy rainfalls, one tends to hear, more than often, about the flooding and leaks in the houses. The beautiful nature of human is that it seeks solutions for the problems that occur in his sight and life. Same goes for the problem of detection of leaking water or flooding houses before it cause major damages in your house.

To cater to this issue, the Delta Faucet Company has come to rescue us with its unbelievably awesome theory that water can be experienced in a different way. That’s why they have launched a new device in the market to deal with the detection issue of the leaks or flooding and that too before it could do any severe damage to the house.

Who wouldn’t like to have such a handy tool to their major issue of water leaks which is why this new product has to be liked by many, undoubtedly. This product is simply named Water Leak Detector because the Delta brand believes in simplicity. It is a small device almost the size of a standard donut which is why it can easily be tucked anywhere virtually and literally.

You can have it in the places where you fear it might leak for instance under sinks, water heater or sump pumps. It can also be placed behind appliances to detect any pooling or leaking of water. You must also place it in the places which are not most frequently used like basements, arcs and inside cabinets because you wouldn’t want to be caught unaware or after the major damage has been caused. Even a minor leak will be detected by this device and you can save yourself from the effort and costs of repairs and damage control.

It is a user friendly device and you don’t need to be a techie to operate it or take advantage of it. All you have to do is to sync this device with the smartphone that you are using and wherever it is placed it will detect and alert you instantly through your cellphone, if it gets wet. So all the places which are prone to getting leaks or drips, should have this device and you can assure to have this issue resolved. The best bid of this solution is that it doesn’t even cost you much whereas it saves you a lot of money that you might have to spend otherwise on the repairs and damages.


The device has several features that should be acknowledged too. For instance:

  • The detector unit requires no individual hub to send you alert or notification on your phone, in-case of a leak, as it can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network of your home.
  • You can monitor the unit system easily through a cool app on your cell.
  • It doesn’t burden your Wi-Fi connection because of its low power consumption software.
  • It takes very small power to keep the unit alive for a year or two. You can even use the most convenient AAA batteries.
  • You can also buy it easily from your own home just by clicking on internet sites.
  • You can adjust the temperature of the unit and get alerts if the temperature alters due to any reason.
  • One can easily access it through an app and can even get alerts on multiple numbers which means that two or three members of the family can configure it on their cells to ensure safety from the leaks.

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