A final guide to estimate the final cost of your granite countertop

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Granite countertops are highly preferred these days, for their durability and allure. But while shopping for those ideal countertops, there is one question that pops in every buyer’s mind: how much do granite worktops cost? It is a million-dollar question that everyone struggles finding the answer to. If you have been struggling with the question too, then take a look at the below guide to granite countertop cost estimation and streamline your hassle to find your ideal one.

Obtaining Complete Information

Before starting the calculation, you need to brim yourself with the complete information regarding certain granite worktops. You need to take accurate measurements to determine the estimation of your granite worktop. It is essential to create a detailed diagram or plan to scale the worktop efficiently. You would need to take the information about the following things:

  • Length and width of the countertops or cabinets
  • Wall, door and sink location
  • Cooktop position
  • Corner radius
  • Angled cuts and curved arcs
  • Preferred seam location
  • Splash height and length

Determine The Seam Location According To Your Preference

Before determining the square footage of the countertop it is important to ascertain how many seams you require in your countertops. The measurements made are just an estimation, the company will determine the ideal location for the seam. It is important to calculate the seams as they work as pressure relief joints. You must not make seams through the sink or cooktop, it can weaken your entire countertop.

Calculate Countertop Square Footage

Now the actual maths of estimating the granite countertop costs comes into existence. The formula for calculating the total square footage of your countertop is:

L x W / 144 = Square Footage

It is important to get the square footage formula right as it will work as a base to estimate the cost. So, even the slightest error or omission can create a significant difference in the result.

Calculate Backsplash Square Footage (Only If Needed)

Backsplash helps to transition the countertop to the wall and safeguard it from spills on the wall. Backsplashes can differ in height and width, so as a customer you need to finalise the number of backsplashes, as you know your kitchen better than anyone else.

Total Square Footage For Price Calculation

Now, once you have the total square footage and the number of backsplashes, you would need to add it up to form the final square footage for the price estimation. You can also use a granite worktop cost calculator to make the best use of this formula. You need to get the figures right to make an accurate price estimation of your granite countertop.

Calculate Edgework and Lineal Footage and Price

Generally, all the exposed edges are considered as edgework. To estimate the edgework you would need to know the lineal footage. Calculating the edges will also help in determining the polish work that will be required. It will help in making a fair price estimation. You need to consider the backsplashes while calculating the final price.

Calculating The Final Price

The final price estimation depends upon all the calculations done above along with some additional costs. Get the total estimate and place the measurements at the right place before getting the final price of your granite worktop.

The Bottom Line

Bringing in the granite worktops into your kitchen space is the best decision you can make today to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen interior. Plenty of people struggle to find the answer to the question: how much do granite worktop cost? Though there are plenty of factors that contribute to the final price of the worktop like material, the complexity of installation, labour work, etc.

The above mentioned guide helps you to estimate the cost of your granite worktop on your own. There’s no rocket science involved in the calculation, all you need is a few accurate measurements and figures to find the final price of your desired countertops that you need to install in your kitchen. Make sure to be accurate with your measurements as it will create the base for your calculation.

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