Unique ways to generate seller leads and how to convert them

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The real estate game is always evolving as technologies, trends, and times change. Many aspects of the process are constantly changing and new opportunities are being created and that’s especially true of seller lead generation. Everyone knows about the big players like Zillow and Trulia as well as social media outlets such as Facebook, but savvy real estate professionals know there are millions of tiny spaces in the cracks between where seller leads are lurking, waiting to be discovered. So if you’re looking for unique ways to generate seller leads and how to convert them, consider this a handy guide to get you started.

Leverage LinkedIn

You probably already know all about Facebook, especially when it comes to Facebook Ads, but have you considered LinkedIn as a potential lead source? It makes sense when you think about it. It’s all about showcasing yourself, your professionalism, and your best qualities. By connecting with different people you can network directly with them. You can also join groups related to real estate, locales, or other topics that provide icebreakers.

LinkedIn is also a great way to contact an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) seller whom you’ve identified elsewhere but haven’t been able to reach otherwise. Once you identify the name of an FSBO on a listing or ad, head directly to LinkedIn. Do a search for them, reach out to connect, and go from there. The good thing about doing this through LinkedIn is that it adds instant credibility, especially with your professional photo and personal recommendations accompanying your outreach (right?).

Cover Craigslist

Craigslist gets forgotten about these days or considered an outdated form of connecting but it’s still an extremely lively real estate marketplace and social spot, perfect for generating leads and potential sales. The good news for you is that the site recently took away the ability for posters to use HTML and live links, which hurts spammers and clears space for quality real estate posters to get visitors to click through to your site or listing.

The first thing you want to do is present an engaging headline, perhaps one that asks a question. Follow that up with a photo that grabs attention, such as graphs and charts that tell a story or happy people who just sold their home. And finally make it clear what the next step is, be it that they need to click a link, text a number, or send an email right now.

Another unique way to leverage Craigslist for seller leads is to reach out to individuals directly instead of posting an ad. Zach from Nexus Homebuyers mentions that “our team searches through Craigslist every morning to find people who might want to sell their home fast. We search garage sales, estate sales, landlords, and FSBOs. By reaching out to these people directly, our response rate goes up to 20% as opposed to 5% for a traditional ad on Craigslist.”

Facebook Messenger Ads

As we mentioned earlier, you’re probably well aware with the normal form of Facebook Ads, but have you considered Facebook Messenger Ads? The difference is that these ads directly initiate a conversation with someone. That cuts out so many steps with the regular form of advertising on the site. Plus, whereas a normal ad would send people to some kind of landing page where you hope they interact, these ads can engage in the form of a message or request, which feels less invasive than a demand.

In a way, it’s like starting an online chat with someone, which feels friendly and non-committal for hesitant potential customers. It’s way more personal as well as instead of clogging their feed with yet another general ad, you’re directly speaking to this one person who is well-targeted and likely open to hearing what you have to say.

Write an eBook

People want to work with experts, but they don’t always know what makes a person an expert. Sometimes, even an “expert” isn’t really an expert, so to speak. They’ve simply positioned themselves smartly by showcasing their talents and availability to answer questions that the customer needs answered.

All of this leads into you considering the idea of writing an eBook. “What should I write about?” you ask. The answer is simple, write what you know. Or better yet, write what you know and what you want potential leads to know that you know. Think of all the questions you’ve answered over the years. Think of all the problems you’ve solved. Think of the locales and regions you know really well. How can you bring all of those things together into a resource?

Ultimately, selling the eBook is a nice bonus, but in a way it’s mere existence as a marketing tool is what’s important for lead generation. Of course, people are going to want to work with you, you’re an expert. You literally wrote the book on the topic!


Cold calling is an intense, and often, ineffective way to generate leads. Plus, in these modern times, people don’t have time to talk on the phone with those they know, let alone some random stranger asking them about real estate.

However, they might respond to a text. Especially if you’re dealing with millennials and those younger, texting and social media are the main forms of communication for many of them. They see phone calls as ineffective uses of time and unsavory interactions. But a quick text? That’s simple and easy to interact with. They can tell you no. They can tell you maybe. They can ask you to contact them later. Or they can say “tell me more.” And then you’re off.

The great thing about texting for you is that it’s quick and easy to the point where you can carry on multiple text conversations at once. Got a hot property to share with leads? Want to strike quickly on an opportunity? Texting gives you plenty of flexibility.

Generating seller leads are the lifeblood of your business and finding unique ways to generate seller leads is essential to growing your business. With so many people jumping into the real estate industry, you must get creative to stand above the rest of your competition.
About the author

Matt Bigach is a real estate investor at Nexus Homebuyers – a team of local Tennessee experts who purchase rentals and flips in the Nashville and Knoxville real estate markets.

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