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Do you have an article you want to share with our readers? We’re always looking for posts that provide an unique and useful perspective over real estate, architecture, trends, opportunities, tips and advice on how to {here comes the topic you cover}.

Guest blog posting service


Title: Make sure to include a post title.

Content Length: We don’t impose a minimum length for your post, the story is more important than length. But this industry is so vast and complex, we believe a topic cannot be covered in less than 400-500 words. The more the better but most important, make sure your story is relevant to the public and it contains revelant and useful information.

Images: If you send us photos to publish within your article, please only include your own images, photos that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license. Please mention details on these rights and links to your sources. Otherwise we will use photographs from the stock websites we are buying photos from.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit the post to a greater or lesser extent, including changes in the text, title and subtitles, to improve readability. Our policy is to give guest post authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control.

Submit guest post

Send an email to contact [@] real-estate-en [.] com containing

– Article title
– Article content
– Photo (optional, min 900px width)
– Your name
– Your email address
– Your phone number (optional)
– Your Skype username (optional)

Do you have your own blog?

Guest post service is not the only service we offer. If you have a long-form piece of content you think is valuable to our audience we can include it in our blog by publishing here a few (2-3) paragraphs and inviting the readers to continue reading the full article on your blog. This way you get our public to read your content (a small part of it), you get visitors to your blog and website willing to continue reading the entire article, and a link to your blog.

Write us at contact [@] real-estate-en [.] com and let us know you’re interested in publishing on our blog.
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