7 home improvement and remodeling ideas that increase home value

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To sell or to make your stay more comfortable – whatever your reason for a makeover of your home, it would eventually add extra value to your property – should be well planned to achieve this goal. Here are some ideas to remodel your home and increase the property value.

1. Kitchen Remodeling

For many people the kitchen is the heart of the house. So, investing in the kitchen won’t let you down rather it will obviously produce a healthy pay off. However, don’t exceed the limit, make sure the updated kitchen doesn’t seem to out-maneuver other rooms and the home itself – there should be compatibility and a balance. Upgrade kitchen appliances and try for energy saving systems, as well as cleaning and new painting can do for quick and affordable remodeling.

2. Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathroom is no less important than the kitchen or the fancy piece of veranda fronting panoramic nature. If there is one bathroom, invest for another – this will turn up to a real deal in terms of the value of the home. You can upgrade and make sure the accessories are up-to-date and shiny inside your bathroom. A new bathtub or a nice shower alongside a new seat for toilet, polished tiles and a new door can strongly change the impression of the bathroom.

3. Add a New Room

Increasing the overall living space by adding an extra room can go a long way in the bid to increase the value of your home. To add extra space could be critical in terms of expense, however there might be some smarter ways to bypass the large expense. You may look around and spot the free space inside your current home for that purpose. Basements could be turned into living room or attic areas can work for a game room, or there could be other options for you. However, before starting breaking or setting up walls – do plan a role for the new room, this way you will make sure how you want to shape and arrange it.

4. Replace Windows for Energy-Efficiency And Better Looks

Energy factor is a trending issue in the real estate market these days. If your windows are smart and energy efficient, this could really boost the home value. Single-pane drafty windows from the olden days cost higher in terms of heating and cooling costs. For this reason, people are more interested in energy-efficient modern windows that could provide light, warmth or air and reduce the overall energy cost. Additionally, if you install Energy-Star rated windows, you can recoup a tax credit of 10% or more. You may choose to install a new or can upgrade the existing windows (depends on age) by adding weather-stripping, caulking and storm windows.

5. Add a Deck

Outdoor spot for family time or living has become very popular, so deck addition could positively add to your home value. An appealing backyard and a deck can act as buyer attraction when you plan to sell your home. Depending on the size and design, the cost of adding a deck will vary. Design accessories like flower pots, stairs, seating facility, size and look are some important features that you should consider before you start working for the deck.

6. Make Insulation Energy-Efficient

If the energy factor was not in consideration, the home may cost more for maintenance and living due to weak or lack of basic insulation. Upgrading the home for saving energy doesn’t have to be very costly. You will be able to fit extra insulation to your attic for less than $200 for example, and this will pay off by reducing your utility bill by far than you invested. Sealing the cracks and leaks may do a good deal in saving energy cost. Believe it or not, average house has enough leaks to amount up to a 3×3 foot whole in a wall. So, make your bills low and home value high, find the leaks and better the insulation.

7. Update the Basics

This is the best bid to increase your home value the most. You may replace and remodel the electric wiring, upgrade the plumbing and renew the interior painting. Fixing leaks and cracks like those in the roof or window-pane, cleaning any mold or moss, replacing rotten woods could easily maintain the home in an up-to-date condition. The buyers admire such tip-top house and could pay more for the refreshing impression.


If you want to increase the value of your house, applying the above-mentioned tips can help.
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