Home Tour: Endless Greenery – A modern urban jungle loft in Atlanta

home tour atlanta

Eclectic, modern, pet-friendly, airy, plant-obsessed… All of those descriptors describe Libby + Cary’s home in Atlanta, Georgia; but our most favorite description of all: modern meets urban jungle loft. Yup! Brimming with greenery, a plethora of paintings and artistic creations, dilapidated vintage pieces (particularly their cabinet), and more — their sweet space is definitely one we’d like to cozy on up in.

Shelby Rae Photographs toured Libby + Cary’s space as she snapped them in their humble abode. She shares: L+C are two self-proclaimed plant nerds who recently decided to open up their very own plant shop, The Victorian Atlanta, based solely on the fact that they themselves always wished there was a cool jungly plant shop to stroll through on a weekend after brunch. They’re passionate about offering inspiration and knowledge, and also cool potted plants and beautiful green things for locals to fill their homes and spaces with.

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