How to maximize the odds of selling your home at the full asking price

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Home sales rarely go smooth and most of the owners end up reducing the initial price. If you are eager to complete the transaction quickly and get the full asking price, we would have to shatter your illusion right away.

Most of the properties on sales go all the way through price reductions and eroding profit margins just to meet the potential buyer’s budget.

Prompting those reductions is, to say the least, painful, and no one guarantees you will end up selling the property.

Don’t you dare reduce that price for a luxurious home you are selling just because you feel the pressure of the buyer.

We are here to help you increase the odds of selling your property in a reasonable deadline and getting the full asking price.

Minimize clutter – maximize appeal

If you want to increase the odds of selling your home, the first thing you should do is to stage everything. Good staging equals hiding your home’s flaws as much as possible by arranging and decorating rooms.

This will minimize clutter and highlight appealing features (breath-taking backyard view or a fireplace for example).

The best thing about this is that you won’t need the help of a real estate agent or a professional staging company, as all it takes is a bit of imagination and interest in design.


When selling your home, make sure to remove heirlooms and family photographs and portraits. Potential buyers like it when they can envision themselves while they look around.

If you make an effort to make the whole space neutral and decorate with neutral colors, you will increase the odds of selling it for sure.

Get rid of all the junk

Open and spacious concepts always leave a dazzling first impression. This can even be a critical point when it comes to getting the full-asked price from potential buyers.

Minimalist homes sell out very quickly. The best way to open up your home and make it look roomy is to invest in a storage unit. Deposit any excess items from closets, cabinets, even from the basement, in the…

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