How to sell your property faster and for more money

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Taking a decision to sell your home is very crucial. You have tons of memories and moments that you have lived in that house. But when you finally reach that decision because of various reasons, you want to sell to the right people and within worth an amount. Naturally, you want its price to touch the sky but from a buyer’s perspective, your house needs to connect with him because he is looking for a place to build his own memories in it. Below are few tips and hacks which can make your house be more presentable and connect-able with your buyer, hopefully increasing its selling cost.

Clean your windows

The first thing is to clean your house, especially your windows properly. People who will view it from a distance will first see your dirty or full of smudges windows. This can be a major put off for many buyers, so make sure, all your sliding windows and glass doors are properly cleaned, and it could get even better if you clean them with a shiner.

Polish your front yard

You front yard has the most potential to grab you the best buyers. People often dream about sitting in their front yard reading or enjoying peacefully in the sun. This image will only appear in your potential buyer’s mind, if your front yard is properly made, arranged and polished. So another thing to get you a better price for your home is a well-kept front yard.

Arrange for more lights

Light can be both natural and artificial but the purpose of both is to enhance the vibrancy of your home. The lighted rooms look more open and wide and give the impression of cleanliness too. So the best tip is to arrange for natural light to pour in and arrange few artificial lights in your rooms as well especially your sitting room or den.

Fragrances are important

A very small tip to attract the people towards your home is to make sure the fragrance of your home is inviting and not repelling. This does not mean that you empty the air fresheners the moment anyone visits your home. It only means that the general odors and smells of your home should be nice and not pushing the buyer outside it. He may have allergies from smoke or mold, so make sure everything smells clean and fresh.

Give new life to your paint

Since presentation has to be really attractive, one mighty suggestion would be to repaint or have a fresh coat of paint in your home including your front yard. If you have a kind of paint on the walls that is peeling off or have marks from your children’s childhood drawings, then this suggestion has more to offer you. You can also change the colour tones to follow the latest paint and patterns trend which are more inviting and speak volumes, in the favour of your taste.

De-clutter everything

When we are living in our house, we often tend to overload luxurious furniture, appliances and general stuff in to our house. So another tip to improve the weightage of your house and convince the buyer in your favour is to de-clutter your house. A crowded or stuffed looking room or house will only devalue the space you have. You need to make it look more spacious by letting your floor, show. By keeping less amount of furniture & accessories in the rooms or you can dump the remaining in your store room till you have a new place of your own.

Fix your doors & windows

Windows and doors often get squeaky and sticky with time. Since you are more adapted to them, you may not even realize that they are a major issue for a buyer. He may even be repelled by the thought that you have no issue with such broken or squeaky hinges in the window or door. Don’t let the impression you have so far managed to make, spoil by your sticky or squeaky doors’ hinges.

Be reasonable while pricing

Another useful tactic is to be reasonable while you are pricing your home. Going above the market value will only earn you bad reputation. The buyer will be put off and hence can spread a bad name for you and your house which will eventually end up in you selling your home in less than its real worth. So, the easy way is to actually stay on or near the market value of your home, while pricing it. This will please the buyer and he will buy it timely and pay you better, too.

Hire professionals

One useful way is to actually hire professionals to help you sell the house. You can either contact realtor who will show your house to different potential buyers or you can hire stagers who convince the buyers in purchasing your home and also give you suggestions on how to improve the image and impression of your home. They actually earn money through the proper staging process of your home to showcase it in the best light possible.

Spread the Word

The best marketing is the word of mouth. So, The best hack to sell your home quickly and in better value, is to spread the word in your own family, friends and work colleagues. When they are acquainted with you, they can trust you better and thus will pay you good, too.

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