Effective ways to keep burglars at bay during a power outage

Reports over time have shown that in recent years the power outages, especially across the US, have increased remarkably. There can be many suggestive reasons like an ever increasing population, the extreme weather conditions or aging infrastructure but a conclusive reason behind these power outages could not be stated and the difference between the number of power outages in early years of this century and of current years is huge.

Generally, there are a number of risks and threats of security attached to this issue. Be it extreme natural accidents and occurrences or offensive attacks through cyber. Even robbery and thefts get increased because the looters get their opportunity when the power is out and they take maximum advantage out of it.

Which is why, to secure your house against burglars and looters during these power outages is extremely important and inevitably required. For this, below are a few measures that you can take to secure your house during the power outages.

Steps to Secure Your House With Non-Electrical Measures

First thing first, you need to take certain measures with which you can ensure the security of your house and its members with non electrical ways. You actually need to have faith that no matter what happens, you will always be safe in the premises of your house. For this certainty and faith to develop, take the following steps:

  1. Firstly, countercheck all the measures of security that are currently in place.
  2. Your main gate and all the doors should be solid, opaque and strong enough to guard you against any natural, accidental or unfortunate threats.
  3. The gates should not only depend on electrical and automatic lock system but should also contain a solid latch that you can bolt if required. (Chains are also recommended for better security).
  4. Check your house for all the broken latches, windows, hinges or even glasses and repair them once and for all.
  5. The glass in your windows or doors should be properly covered with security films, opaque coating or blinds, window shutters that could make it impossible for the looters to have any idea of the insides of your house.
  6. After the house review of security, note down all the loopholes and sensitive spots of your house that could be exploited by a burglar in a case of power outage.
  7. Secure all those blind spots or vulnerable corners.
  8. Keep your front and back yard filled with only short heighted and thin plants or bushes, so no one can utilize them as their cover.
  9. You can also confirm and observe the rules and laws of the security provision in your local neighbourhood.

Improve Your Repairing Skills

The next step you must take to ensure the security of your house in a power outage is to become helpful and handy by:

  • Learning how to figure out why the electricity is out in your house or area or,
  • Learning to repair the basic faults or broken circuits by yourself in case of power surge.
  • Know about all the connections and electrical switches in your home and repair everything as soon as you gather about it.
  • Keep some artificial light source around some places in your house, so you can utilize them while your investigation of the electrical issues.
  • When your power is out, don’t wait; rather call your service provider and inquire from this source too.
  • You should have a survivor kit at home for a black out. You do not have to purchase it rather you can also assemble such a kit with all the possible tools in it.

Acquire Redundant Energy

Another important measure is to acquire redundant energy as a backup for the mainstream energy of your house. This will help you keep away from the power outage for a couple of minutes, up to a few hours. It provides temporary energy to all the main sources and is most commonly known as ‘UPS’ which is an uninterruptible power supply which means that you will not have to face a complete black out. This also saves your electrical appliances from falling prey to a short circuit. There are other means of getting temporary energy which is a supplier that works through battery that runs long enough to let you figure out what is wrong with your power system.

Another of such energy efficient mean that can provide temporary electricity for your house or main spots is a generator which could run on fuel or gas. Just make sure that you have taken all the precautions from bringing your generator to life as it may have other harmful effects too.

Use Advanced Lights

These days you also have the option to utilize new and more advanced lights in your home which have multiple benefits. Some of them have built in back up, other act as emergency light that automatically charges itself and switches on when power is out.

Some companies have also designed lights that operate with battery and have sensors in them which make it switch on when someone is crossing it. So it can be a better option to be utilized at the main entry points to prevent blackout entirely and thus discourage burglars and looters.

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