Struggling to come up with a logo for your real estate business? 7 tips to a better logo

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Ready to launch your real estate business? Stuck on choosing a great logo? I’ve been there and sometimes, getting the right logo designed can be a nightmare. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to design a logo that won’t only stand the test of time, but increase the strength of your brand and drive customers. You don’t have to look far to know how important a good logo is since branding is all around us. In order to have a long lasting and successful business, your logo needs to be impactful and be the first thing that potential customers see in their mind’s eye when they think real estate.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Before you start the design process for your own logo, you should look at the logos of other real estate businesses, especially the ones that you are competing with. By doing good competitor research, you can gain the upper hand, even when it comes to logos. See which real estate companies are copying others and make sure that your own logo looks nothing like theirs. If you make this mistake knowingly or unknowingly, it can make consumers think you’re a carbon copy of other established businesses.

Tip #2: Don’t Choose A Generic Design

The first thing that pops into anyone’s mind when they think about real estate, are houses. As a result, thousands of real estate businesses use logos which look like house outlines. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t choose to have a house outline in your logo, but don’t make it look like the thousands of others out there. For example, at Buttonwood Property Management, our logo does contain a house outline, but it is used in a very creative way. The house isn’t even the focal point of the logo, but the tree next to it. As you can see, there are many ways to get creative with your logo, so don’t opt for the simple clip art types.

Tip #3: Choose The Right Color Scheme For Your Logo

Color has far reaching effects on the human psyche, so selecting the colors for your logo is extremely important. The colors that you choose should represent both you and your brand and what you’re trying to impart. For example, blue is a very calming and tranquil color which shows that your brand is very trustworthy. Red on the other hand is a very bold and passionate color that can indicate your business is a leader within the industry. The right color or combination of colors can impart the essence of your brand, without you ever saying a word.

Tip #4: Take Size & Symmetry Into Consideration

The shapes that you choose to create your logo should be complementary. Humans on a psychological level prefer symmetrical shapes and you should strive to make your logo with this aesthetic. Asymmetrical shapes are not aesthetic and even if you may be trying to make a completely unique logo, it can work against you. Asymmetrical shapes signal disorder and people may subconsciously think that your organization is disorganized – something you definitely want to avoid.

Tip #5: Use Graphical Elements That Symbolize The Area You’re Conducting Business In

Another great idea is to incorporate a symbol that represents the area that your business is located. For example, if you’re in a town that is known for its honey, then a possible logo can incorporate the image of a bee next to a house or flying above skyscrapers. If your town is known for its hot air balloon rides, then you can create a logo showing a house that is being carried by a hot air balloon. The point is to be creative and incorporate elements of the town so that the logo seems familiar to your potential customers.

Tip #6: Don’t Get Too Complex

Even though you may have a grand idea or vision for your logo, remember to keep it abstract and not too complex. If a logo is too detailed, people may have problems remembering it. If you think about the world’s most famous logos such as Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, Google, Samsung etc, they all have extremely simple logos. It’s almost impossible to think about sneakers without an image of Nike’s logo (tick) popping up in your mind. This is truly the power of simplicity.

Tip #7: Resist The Urge To Design The Logo Yourself

If you’re bootstrapping your new real estate business, then you’re probably looking to cut costs as much as you can. Thanks to websites like Canva, just about anyone can create a logo on their own. However, if you don’t have any professional design skills, this is not something you should do yourself. Remember, your logo is the first thing that your potential customers will see and it needs to portray who you are as a real estate company. A self made design can have many flaws such as being the wrong colors, unprofessional images and graphics etc. This can portray that your company itself is unprofessional, which you need to avoid. So, if there is one place where you don’t want to skimp on money, it’s your logo.

Instead, take the time to find a designer that you can explain your ideas to and how you want your business to be portrayed. Be sure to check out numerous designers and look at their portfolio of work before you settle on one. You should also ask for references and read their past customer reviews since this will indicate what your own experience will potentially be like.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap things up, when building a real estate brand, a well designed logo can do wonders for your business. It can truly set you up for success and even position your company as a market leader in your city or country. So, with that said, go forth and develop the most amazing logo possible: once you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be on the right track.

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