Moving on – quick tips for a smooth move

moving house tips

Shifting home or making a bigger decision of selling and buying new home is very crucial in every which way. Another of the dreadfully crucial of its part is to pack your home for the move, in either ways. We often spend luxurious time in picking a new home and then excitedly planning about the new interior and exterior setting of it, forgetting in the middle of it all that we have yet to pack for this move which is not very dazzling. The decision of new colour schemes or interior design can wait because you have to go through the pesky task of packing. Here are few easy tips and hacks to follow, if you want to make your dreading task, easy and well managed in time.

Stressing won’t help

Take a deep breath and restore your energy by evaluating the task at hand. The best way to begin is to make a list of the tasks and packing order you have to follow in order to cover your entire house in an organized way. This will also help you with your pressure and panic. You can initiate the process of listing things from the entrance of your home and then focussing on every item individually and jotting down what has to be packed with what and what labels you have to make for the boxes. Once it is done, you are already pretty sorted for a go!

Time to let go

There are many things in our homes that we keep storing for a time that might occur or reach but unknown of the surety that it even will. It is time to let go of all those things which have no direct meaning, value or memory to you. There can be many ways of dealing with those items. For instance, you can put up a Sunday sale in your backyard for the things which are valuable and are in very good reusable condition, like the trendy dresses you out grew from or the furniture or curtains you have replaced with the new ones, following the trend.

You can also donate few items to the needy people as charity or can donate books to the town library and old dresses or shoes to the orphanages. You can also sort the small items like jewellery, diaries, accessories, handbags etc. through various sacks labelling which one to go where. All sorting through, once done, will even leave you with neat items that you still can use and were hidden in the cluttered stuff, out of sight.

Slow down

Another of the handy tip is to slow down. You need not rush the packing because that will not only leave you all panicked and wrecked but will also leave your precious items to be broken, destroyed or in a mess. If you try to rush the packing, you will only fail to focus and this leads to a chaos altogether. It is always wise to plan your move keeping few days in hand, to pack conveniently without stressing. Divide your packing list, you made the 1st day in to several days. For instance, you can do the decorations and crockery one day while books, clothes and shoes along with various individual accessories the 2nd day and so on. This will keep you and your packing very organized with proper labels and everyone in the family, can also help in individual packing stuff.

You need boxes

Obviously, to move or to pack you need big packing boxes for all the sorted items you have done at home. You can either get these from the packing stores or you can go to your city mall or store and ask for spare boxes. The re-usability of these boxes is very helpful & handy and thus many stores like to store them. So, to ask your nearby stores, is the best way to acquire these packing boxes.

Make a sack or bundle of handy things

Don’t forget to make a bundle or fill a sack with the handiest things you are going to need, the very first day you will reach your new house. You obviously cannot start unpacking the very day, so better save yourself from the effort and pack handy things in that sack. You can also let every individual of the home make a small hand bag for their immediately required items. Or make one bag, with the items the entire family would need like, tooth brushes, hair brush, perfume, soap, washing soap, bedding, and neat pair of clothes, towels, and gadgets along with their chargers. You should also make a basket for snacks, water, tea and handy plates or glasses.

We assure you that these tips will help you stay organized in your packing and you can easily have a smooth move, following these tips and planned list of things to do. Just remember the 1st two most important tips as your rules. Make a list of the things to be packed in an order, and to not panic so you can devise all the plans peacefully and without any stress.

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