6 smart steps to prepare your house well for a sale

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Our house is the one thing that keeps us rooted and keeps the family connected which is why everyone holds their home dear to them but if you have finally decided to sell your house and move on then this in itself is quite gutsy for you, especially emotionally. Now after the decision, there come the steps you have to take to get this sale done. Apart from the legal essentials, you also have to prepare your house so it could be sold easily and that too at a very good price.

To achieve this objective, you need to understand that your house is dear to you but not to the buyer, yet. So you need to prepare it with few major and minor changes so it can leave a mega impression on the potential buyer and he gets willing to pay higher for the property.

For this, you have to polish, enhance and highlight the good things it owns and hide, decrease and moderate the weaknesses so to excel the sale of your house in reasonable value.

Below are a few preparation tips for your house to look inviting and escalate its sale:

Step 1: De-Clutter

This step is very basic. Once you decide that you have to sell your house, begin to look at every room and corner from the perspective of a buyer. When it is our home, then to attain more comfort and ease we keep building and expanding our furniture, household items and living accessories which can be called clutter from other’s point of view because clutter can be anything that is excessive and is stuffing the space. Even when kept in an organized way, it may look too much or too many for the room.

So to begin the preparation, start by decluttering from the very basic things. You can move your extra items to your new place if you already have a new home or you can ask your family and friends if anyone has some extra storage space for a few days or weeks, to lend to you till the sale of your own house.

Step 2: Flood with Light!

This step is important as its role is to enhance the look of your house. Remove the blinds or open the window shutters and let the natural light flood in the rooms to make them look wider and more inviting. If the natural light doesn’t flood in your house then you can install small lights especially in the corners to light them and give the illusion of bigger rooms. It also helps to hide away the weaknesses, if any. If you don’t want to invest further in installing more lights then give all the light fixtures a thorough clean so they gleam more brightly and fix those lights which are not working since long.

Step 3: Make your Kitchen Stand Out

Some women are more conscious about their corner of the house, so you must let your kitchen stand out for them. It can be a deciding factor for many families to buy your house or not if your kitchen is good or bad respectively. So to prepare your kitchen for the viewing, can be handled with further tips mentioned below:

  • A new paint
  • Less appliances
  • New kitchen counters
  • More light
  • New cupboards
  • Polished tiles

You can ask a reliable handyman to help you with some of these as well as with the next step.

Step 4: Repaint Your House, Invitingly

The worst case of all scenarios is the one when you are having a viewing of your house, and suddenly the paint of your ceiling or wall chips off and lands on their shoulder or feet. To prevent it, you must give your house a fresh paint before the viewings. The color of the paints must not be dark because they give a very uninviting and negative air. But even in the light colors, don’t go for the old school policy of off/whites. Rather you should check the market for the new paint colors & designs and can also pick a paint that comes with a texture because that gives your house a very trendy look.

Step 5: Redecorate Your House

Generally, we keep our decorations static for years and years because we get too attached and comfortable with the things the way they are. But for the viewing of your house, you need to redecorate your house to give it a new, fresh and upbeat look so it could look more warm, inviting and bigger. For this purpose:

  • You can install hanging shelves and storages so more floor space is seen, especially when your hardwood flooring still looks good.
  • Push furniture in the middle so walls and corners could be seen.
  • Lessen your furniture and big appliances.

Step 6: Fix & Clean

The last step is to be done every week till your house is sold. You need to thoroughly clean your house from inch to inch. Fix every broken light, fixture, knob or window shutters and hinges. Clean out all the dust and dirt from the carpets and curtains. Make sure you have no prevailing smells in your kitchen or bathroom areas because that is a major put off for many people.

As per the electrical part, try to stay safe and ask a professional electrician to come to your house and check and fix everything.
Following these above mentioned steps will smartly make it easy for your house to be sold in less time and more value.

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