5 reasons to invest in a man cave or femme den

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You may be currently debating with your partner the necessity of a modern man cave or fancy femme den and coming up short on reasons.

Such an addition to your property can be very costly, but from our list of benefits you will not only read arguments for the emotional and mental rewards, but also the financial rewards on upgrading your property with this exciting addition.

Here are our top 5 reasons to invest in a man cave or a femme den:

1. Stress relief

Your cave/den can act as a haven for you to unwind from outside stress triggers. Whether its traffic, work, the kids or the dog that is having you overwhelmed, a place to relax and relieve stress allows you to evaluate and overcome your stressors. Finding a space where you can seek pleasure in activities that aren’t associated with work, chores or other responsibilities is valuable to the human psyche.

2. Build your identity

Between work, family and friends you may sometimes feel like you have lost part of your own identity. Whether the den or cave is a project for self-expression or the hobbies you do inside are your way of demonstrating your individuality, it is an opportunity to improve your confidence and self-esteem. Having a space where you feel comfortable can be essential for those who suffer from social anxiety.

3. Be more present

Having time to step back and collect your thoughts means when you return to reality, you are more emotionally and mentally available for the people around you. Having time to process your thoughts provides you with an opportunity to assess challenges in your life and their influence on your relationships with others. So, when you have quality time with the kids or your partner you are the best version of yourself.

4. Mentally stimulating

Whether you want to build models, read books or do puzzles, having recreational hobbies are stimulating to the brain and extremely beneficial. Exercising the mind with new challenges can help improve your concentration, problem-solving skills, emotional stability and ability to recall information, as well as reducing stress and the potential for depression. Assuring that you continue to challenge yourself outside of work and home can offer new skills, knowledge and a sense of accomplishment.

5. Return on investment

You may consider the addition of a man cave or femme den to be a potential financial burden and possibly devalue your property. However, if the construction of a man cave is executed strategically, there is opportunity to receive a higher return on investment. Research done by hipages found that if you have a non-habitable space (as defined by International Building Codes) for example, a second garage space, and you convert one space into a legally habitable space, this can improve the resale value of your property. This is because it isn’t as costly to convert a space inside the house into a habitable room and on resale of the property it can be marketed as offering an extra living space, which would be more appealing to buyers.

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