Advice on renting & property hunting in London

renting in london

Renting a house in London can be a bit of a daunting experience. You’ve heard rumours about the housing prices and thought that they couldn’t possibly be true. To find that, well… they’re even worse! Renting and finding great property in London is either a huge stroke of luck or a stroke of genius and research on your behalf. Finding property for sale in London can be a whole other blog post, which will end up being a lot more on how to get onto the property ladder, especially if you’re a young professional!

Online browsing sites such as Zoopla or Right Move are key into helping you define your budget and criteria for property. You’ll be able to see that by moving just a few stops down the tube line your rent will decrease by a few hundred pounds. This is especially true if you’re looking at living in zones 1 or 2, but bite the bullet and have a look at property in zones 3 and 4.

Offline, a real estate agent in London will be able to help you find places that fit your budget, criteria and will be able to show you around several properties in one area on one given day. I always give real estate agents a call if I know I like a particular area that they work in, I let them know my tastes, budget and things I like in property but don’t necessarily need just in case they have a hidden gem. Be firm in what you want and with your budget, because some will try and swing you property that’s an extra £50-100 per month and that’ll mean you could end up paying over a grand more in total than you wanted to per year!

I felt kind of embarrassed with how many questions I asked the Residents Manager at mine and Jay’s current building when we first came to view. A lot of them were more along the serious lines; Do we need a guarantor? What requirements do renters need to check off? And some on the more personal side; How many dogs can I have? But questions are important and they prevent and nasty surprises or mistakes happening way down the line. When Jay and I went to do background checks for the property we knew exactly what we needed to do and when down the road which meant that we hit no delays, set backs or disappointments.

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