How can Scoria pest control pouches enhance your land’s value

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As real estate agents, our goal is to sell properties at the highest value. Pests, however, work against that goal. The reason pests lower the land value is because they are an annoyance to deal with. Pets risk the health safety of those who live on that property.

4 Toxic Pests That Infest Your Property


20% of the land’s value can be lost if a termite infestation is found. This is because termites are capable of eating the foundation and support beams of your home and you would need to spend a lot of money in order to repair those damages. It is also unsafe to live in a home with weak foundations. Apart from harming your foundation, termites also love eating your furniture, important papers, and carpets.


Although bedbugs do not carry any diseases, they are a hindrance to your sleep. If you do not get proper sleep, you will not be able to perform your best the following day. Bedbugs are a deal killer as they are hard to get rid of and are very persistent bugs. If word gets around that your bedbugs have been spotted at your properties it will create a negative image for your market.

Carpenter Ants

Many people think that carpenter ants and termites are the same but that is not the case. Although both target wood sources, carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood, they burrow themselves in the wood. They nest in the frames of doors and windows and they will invade your kitchen to raid your sugars and honey.


Rats are the biggest pests on this list and they are the easiest pest to spot. Rats gnaw your electrical wires and leave droppings behind. The reason rats are extremely dangerous is because they carry and spread fatal diseases. If a rat is spotted when a potential client has come to visit, the chances of them buying your property are close to 0%.

Ways to Resolve The Pest-Infestation Problem

To solve the mystery of pests, the best way is to hire a pest investigator before you place your property on the market. Pest inspectors are well versed when it comes to detecting pest infestations and they will also help you rid your pest infestations. Hiring a pest investigator is also cheaper than fixing the damages to your property and reputation caused by pests. You can also prevent infestations from taking place in the first place. In order to do so, you could hire your local pest exterminators to setup pest barriers at your property. Another way to keep pests away is by notifying your tenants to take precautions.

Apart from this, Socria Pest Control by MDX Concepts provides you a way to naturally repel pests. This hassle-free pest control method is extremely simple to use. The package comes with 12 Pest control pouches and all you need to do is to spread or lay these pest control pouches in the areas where you suspect an infestation. The contents of these pouches are composed of essential oils that have natural pest repelling properties. The Scoria pest control pouches are known for being roach killers and mice repellents. These pouches are also pet-friendly pest control pouches as they don’t contain any toxins.

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