The fastest way to paint furniture

painting furniture

DIY projects are always fun for me, but I want them done yesterday. Not today. Yesterday. That has always been my thing. If we bring a new project home, I usually have plans for it right away and depending on what else is going on, I start working on it right away. Procrastination is never my mojo. I thrive on creating lists and I thrive even more when I am crossing things off those lists.

I have learned SO MUCH through our DIY journey. I could write posts and posts about each lesson, but today, I am going to share my most recent makeover and tell you the Fastest Way To Paint Furniture.

A friend of mine texted me a few weeks ago and said that she went to a house that had a lot of things I would love to buy. My friend knows me so well because as soon as I got there, I fell in love with a lot of the things that were there. One of the pieces I brought home that day was a two-drawer chest.

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