The Perfect Bathroom: What I Chose & How I’m (Nearly) There!

I’m halfway to creating my perfect bathroom; it’s already a functioning bathroom which I’m over the moon about, but aesthetically it’s missing a couple of key features, namely a door and a mirror.

When funds become available, it will be completed of course, but that hasn’t stopped me from using my (nearly) perfect restroom. So let me tell you how I chose it, where I bought it, who I used to install it and most importantly, what it features.

Back to (bathroom) basics

I desperately needed a new bathroom. Actually, I needed two new bathrooms (the main family bathroom is yet to get an overhaul), but with the ensuite being the worst of the two (and the least functioning at the time), we decided to tackle that first.

The previous owners of the house had, for some bizarre reason, tiled on top of wallpapered walls. As a consequence, by the time we bought the house, half the tiles were either missing or half hanging off the wall. Did they really think tiles would stick to paper?

Other problems we faced were a leaking loo, mould-covered walls and the most impractical bathtub that we’d ever seen! The thing was clearly a made-for-two ‘lovers’ tub, but looking at the size of the thing you could probably fit a horse in there too. Boy, did we struggle to get it out of the house; at one point we thought we’d have to start removing windows.

Not only that, but the whole bathroom suite was an avocado colour – not uncommon in 1960s décor I’m sure. Perhaps if we’d waited another 20 years it might have come back in fashion. So you can see why we were desperate for an upgrade.

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