Things you should do immediately after moving into a new home

moving to a new home

You’ve finally secured your new home and are making the big move into it. With such a significant change comes some new responsibilities that you’ll soon need to take care of. You’ll probably have to pay your real estate agent’s big commission cheque for the new place, or perhaps you went at it alone and decided to purchase a home without a realtor, in which case you probably saved thousands. Regardless of whether you are moving with your spouse, your family, or alone, there are a number of things that are important to do right after you move in.

Change the locks

This is the most important thing that you should do right after moving into your new home. You don’t know who has access to the old locks, and I’m sure you don’t want to think about the possibility of someone being able to unlock your door and walk into your house at any time.

You can either replace the lock yourself or hire a locksmith. In most cases it is best to leave the job to a professional locksmith. Afterwards you should ensure you make a few copies of your new key. What’s the next worst thing after a stranger being able to enter your home? You not being able to get in your own home.

So remember, change your locks and consider adding additional securities measures such as a home alarm system or security cameras depending on the area you moved to.

Change your mailing address for billing, credit cards, etc.

Don’t forget this important step! Although this is something you should’ve done prior to moving into your new home, if you haven’t done it yet then you better get started.

All of your mail is going to be headed to your old address, and if someone else is living there they may not care to forward the mail to you.

The new owners may end up throwing out your bills, pay cheques, or important notices and you’ll never know they arrived.

If you ended up forgetting this step up until now, make sure to visit your old home and ask the new owner if they can collect your mail for you to pickup or forward to you until you get all of your old mailing address information changed.

You should also go to your old local post office and ask them to forward all your mail to your new address.

To make sure you got all of your info changed, come up with a list of every possible website, credit card, or bill that was using your old address. Also, check your email and logins on your computers to see if you forgot any websites. After the mailing address audit, you can go through and make all of the necessary changes.

Look for any signs of insects or critters living in your home and take care of it

I’m sure none of you want to wake up to find a cockroach walking around your bed or a mouse scurrying around your house. These things can be very frightening for people and its best if you are prepared for the situation.

When you first move in, check for any signs of critters by looking for little poop droppings in hidden places like behind the fridge or deep inside cabinets.

Check for bugs by looking in enclosed places like under your sink or under any open tile. There are a lot of places that unwanted pests may be hiding.

If you find signs of them, consider laying out some poison or mouse traps depending on the situation. Be careful if you have a pet though, as they may become serious ill or injured if they ingest any poison or step in a mouse trap.

Locate the main water valve and circuit breaker box

In the case that your sink or shower won’t turn off and your bathroom starts flooding you should know where the main water valve is located so you can turn it off at a moment’s notice. It is also important to know where your circuit breaker box is located. That way, in case of a power outage you can navigate to the box in the dark and try to fix the issue.

Replace the furnace filter

The furnace filter may have been sitting around for years and could require a change.You don’t want problems with your air heating and cooling system in the near future so make sure to buy some replacements and try to change the filter every month or two.

Contact insurance companies

It is important that you have home insurance at your new place, as well as updated auto and health insurance. Call your current insurance company and talk to them about the change in your residential address to make sure they update their system and that there are no problems with moving to the new area that could be affecting your insurance policy.

Moving into a new house is an exciting and stressful time, so try to make your move in as stress-free as possible with these tips. Get your new locks in place before anything else and make sure you have water and electricity setup in your home BEFORE you move in. I wish you the best with your new place!

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