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Why land lovers are flocking to Colorado! How to reap the rewards of investing in Colorado property

Famous for its high elevation and numerous mountain peaks, Colorado is a state that attracts plenty of visitors. But, after experiencing a taste of what the Centennial State has to offer,...

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Arcapita acquires Cleveland Industrial real estate portfolio

Arcapita, a leading alternative investments firm with a track record of 80 transactions exceeding a total of $30 billion in value, has acquired a seven-property industrial real estate...

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The risks of crowdfunding your real estate deal

Luckily today’s real estate investors have expanded tools at their disposal for sourcing, qualifying and closing real estate capital transactions. Unlike business securities the...

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How can Scoria pest control pouches enhance your land’s value

As real estate agents, our goal is to sell properties at the highest value. Pests, however, work against that goal. The reason pests lower the land value is because they are an annoyance...

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How having a clean home will make you a better real estate agent

Success in your career starts well before you get to the office in the morning. Productivity begins at home, with your morning routine, even including your eating habits – it’s deeply...

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Importance of improving the sustainability of your home

Sustainability is a buzz word that has more importance globally than many people realize. A value shared by many, sustainability basically means being able to meet our own needs without...

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Why glass towers are bad for city life – and what we need instead
7 principles for building better cities
  • Why glass towers are bad for city life – and what we need instead

  • 7 principles for building better cities


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